Delta Group is at the forefront of 21st Century environmental and waste management practices for remediating and rehabilitating commercial and industrial landscapes. We reduce waste to landfill by recycling and reusing as much waste as possible and are also investing heavily in new technologies, plant and equipment to treat contaminants such as per-and-poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).


Comprehensive remediation and rehabilitation solutions for commercial and industrial projects, including triple certified integrated QSE management systems. High specification landscaping, recycling, and asset recovery and salvage. Accurate waste management reporting in accordance with the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Credit programme, including emission control and management systems, materials tracking and a fleet of EPA licensed waste transport vehicles.


Complete contaminant, chemical and soil analysis and testing, including laboratory based feasibility trials and bench studies. On site containment and in-situ or ex-situ bioremediation. Chemical immobilisation, solidification and stabilisation, soil mixing and washing, and PASS or ASS treatment and neutralisation.


Expert extraction and treatment of groundwater and leachate, including soil vapour extraction (SVE), water sampling, metering, monitoring and disposal, and the dredging, treatment and removal of contaminated sediment and sludge in rivers and waterways.


Qualified PFAS treatment and management; Multi Phase Extraction (MPE) remediation; Bonded and Friable Asbestos removal; and hazardous waste management and removal. Closure studies and plans, including industrial plant decommissioning, asset recovery and salvage operations.