The Delta Group Ascent Graduate Program is designed to give engineering graduates everything they need to reach the top of their profession. From developing technical competencies such as programming, contract admin and procurement, to strengthening personal capabilities such as communication, negotiation and budgeting – Ascent aims to shape the project managers and business leaders of tomorrow.


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  • The Delta Group Ascent Graduate Program is carefully structured to cultivate talent in high risk construction environments with little margin for error. We consistently provide a higher mentor to graduate ratio because we know how much it matters to someone at the start of their career. We know our graduate engineers learn more when their boots are on the ground – not underneath a desk – and no matter what site or situation they may find themselves, they’re guided by experienced professionals every step of the way.

    It’s why more than 90% of graduate engineers go onto full time positions, with many promoted to management roles.

    Thanks to the work Delta Group delivers no job is ever the same. From major infrastructure works to boutique developments, our people take pride in designing and delivering complex programmes for blue chip clients on high profile projects. As one of the largest diversified contractors in Australia, we specialise in civil engineering and construction, site remediation and rehabilitation, landscaping, demolition, recycling, and materials solution management.

    Our vision is to shape the urban and industrial landscapes of tomorrow, and our mission is to understand the project lifecycle better than any other contractor. Over 35 years we’ve forged a reputation as a pioneer – a trusted standard bearer of unparalleled safety, integrity, teamwork and excellence. We’re fiercely proud of what we have achieved and why. Our people and our values matter. Above & Beyond is our ethos. The sum of all our parts. It is our way of working and our measure for success, no matter what we set out to do or accomplish.

    New recruits in the Delta Group Ascent Graduate Program develop a range of highly sought after professional skills through structured units over two years, including:

    We’re committed an uncompromising culture that refuses to put profit before the health and well being of our people and our environment, or which fails to meet our client’s expectations. Our Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE) management systems are certified to international standards and central to everything we do. They are the foundation of your personal and professional development as a construction industry professional.

    Working with and around heavy machinery can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of working with Delta Group. From demolition robots and precision drill rigs to mini and (very!) heavy excavators – an understanding of the right plant or the right attachment for a particular job is vital, but so is safety and maintenance. Our people and plant are our lifeblood. Watch and handle them with care!

    Attention to detail is a defining trait of every successful Project Manager. Your ability to administer and manage the delivery of services as well as the supply of services under contractual terms and conditions is essential. Just as you need a trained eye to interpret drawings or to conduct a site safety walk, contractual agreements require the same (high) level focus and understanding.

    Our ability to meet time, quality and cost specifications is at the core of our reputation and helps us tender for new projects as well as attract repeat business. However, with so many site or project specific variables outside of our control, effective time management and problem solving capabilities are mandatory. Experience is key, which is why you will spend much more time onsite than you do in the office.

    A large percentage of our growing workbook is the result of competitive tender submissions, where our Estimators have successfully secured new contracts without compromising quality, safety and environmental standards or profitability and cashflow. It is a challenging and rewarding role that requires specialist engineering skills as well as a strong understanding of demand and supply side factors that will affect a project scope of works.

    Commercial acumen is the ability to recognise how different actions taken or decisions made throughout a project lifecycle can impact profitability and cashflow. From claims and variations to budgeting and forecasting – it is imperative you understand how to track and control the financial performance of your projects.

    We take great pride in our ability to help our clients achieve their sustainability aims as well as to navigate complex and changing social, political, economic and regulatory landscapes. From excavated spoil to scrap steel; timber to crushed concrete – Delta Group recovers and reuses more than 90% of all construction and demolition (C&D) waste from our project sites.

    The success or failure of a project often depends on the quality of suppliers and subcontractors we engage to deliver our projects on time, on budget and without incident. That’s why we employ strict prequalification and financial procedures. With more than 1,000 prequalified suppliers and subcontractors Australia wide, we will develop the skills you need to identify, evaluate, contract and manage the supply of a diverse range of professional services and trades.

    Many of our projects involve ‘live’ environments such as heavily congested pedestrian interfaces, major transport thoroughfares and businesses on or directly adjacent to our sites. Local community concerns can also arise as a result of our works, especially on industrial scale abatement programs involving hazardous materials and chemicals. Add to the mix our clients, various regulators, our own staff and subcontractors – and you can see why stakeholders play such an important role on any project.

    Graduate engineers will also undergo business skills training to strengthen their personal capabilities and lay the foundation for long term success and professional growth, including:

    We demand visible leadership from everyone involved on a project, particularly when it comes to safety. For an engineer, leadership takes on various shapes and forms with one constant – the ability to influence behaviour and outcomes in a positive manner. A construction site is a challenging, high risk environment that requires strong leadership from those responsible for project delivery.

    A key strength of any successful Project Manager is the ability to negotiate – and communicate! Whether it is in writing or verbally and non-verbally, using clear and concise language, listening and understanding body language is critical if you’re trying to solve technical engineering problems, build rapport, manage change, reinforce the right behaviour or resolve a conflict.

    The ability to resolve conflict is an important skill for every young engineer to develop. From teams with diverse backgrounds and personalities to programme or project site bottlenecks; client needs and wants to team performance (to name a few) – conflict is unavoidable. We will develop the techniques you will need to effectively manage the challenges you will face and to arrive at outcomes that benefit everyone involved in your project.

    Delta Group is no different to a corner store delicatessen, a high street retailer, a restauranteur, hotelier or publican – we provide a service to our customers. In doing so, we strive exceed our client’s expectations on each and every project – to go ‘Above & Beyond’ at every opportunity. It’s our measure for success, no matter what we set out to do or achieve. And it is how we shape tomorrow, for ourselves and our clients.

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    The Delta Group Ascent Graduate Program will give you everything you need to reach the top of your profession.


    Positions are limited and competition is fierce.

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