The Hazelwood Mine & Power Station demolition project was the largest ever undertaken in Australia. Engie Australia engaged Delta Group to design and deliver the $100m+ programme that spanned three years from 2019-2022. Listed second on the Victorian Governments list for Highest-Risk Construction Projects at the time, it was imperative that Delta delivered this project to the highest standard for safety and compliance.

The scope of works for this iconic project included:

  • Explosive felling of 8 x 137m Chimneys
  • Explosive felling of 4 x 25,000t Boiler Houses
  • Mechanical and manual demolition of 24x 400t precipitators, 16x 1800t air-heater bays and rising conveyors, 30,000t Slot bunker and 500m long Turbine hall including 8 Turbines
  • Explosive felling of 3x Dredgers, >40m tall and 5,000t in total in the open cut mine
  • Demolition of >50km of Mine Conveyors and Stackers
  • Engineering risk assessment of alternative mechanical/induced collapse methods – as required under Australian law
  • Protection of live AustNet assets – Hazelwood Switchyard Control Centre (HSCC)
  • Asbestos and hazmat removal, including construction and management of EPA registered asbestos cell
  • Onsite crushing and screening to recycle C&D waste
  • Steel recycling
  • Traffic management planning to coordinate local road closures – VicRoads, VicPolice
  • Environmental management planning and liaison with peak regulators – EPA Victoria, WorkSafe Victoria
  • Emergency Response Planning, including Fire & Safety Australia AIIMS training
  • Local community and key stakeholder engagement

Many unique hazards had to be controlled, including the COVID-19 Pandemic, working directly adjacent to and ensuring protection of critical power generation infrastructure, structurally compromised chimneys and walkways, natural disasters (floods and an earthquake during pre-weakening of a boiler house), and an extraordinary amount of regulator and key stakeholder scrutiny – and engagement with over 150 stakeholder groups.

The COVID-19 Pandemic involved project related challenges and impacts – such as international border closures and travel restrictions, local border and intrastate (metro and regional Victoria) movement restrictions, and significant occupational health and safety measures.

Key project statistics included:

  • 1.1 million+ work hours
  • 250+ workers onsite at peak – reaching up to 95% local labour
  • Nil Lost Time Injuries
  • Nil Environmental Licence breaches
  • >65,000m3 of asbestos removed and placed in the Delta managed and EPA registered onsite Asbestos Cell
  • >120,000m2 asbestos external sheeting removal
  • 30,000t of steel removed over exposed coal in the open cut mine
  • >100,000t of steel recycled
  • >100,000t of concrete recycled on site
  • Mobilising a fleet of 70+ specialised equipment