Delta Group is a growth ally of Widi Ngaruwa – a supply nation certified, Aboriginal Owned enterprise specialising in the delivery of diversified contracting services for commercial and industrial construction projects across Australia. Our mission is to provide long term aboriginal job prospects and trade apprenticeships, as well as to offer our clients a practical and meaningful pathway for engaging First Nations Australians.

  • Our services are available Australia wide

  • As an aboriginal business, we recognise and value the cultural knowledge of First Nations Australians as key to our operational capacity. We strive to build positive an meaningful relationships with people and communities wherever we operate. We will work with community, partners and clients to:

    We recognise that developing the skills and knowledge of our staff and sub-contractors is part of building strong relationships with First Nations Australians. We aim to establish a work environment that is welcoming, respectful and understanding of Aboriginal people and culture.

    Develop career pathways and support the education and training of local aboriginal people that will lead to successful personal and professional development.

    Prioritise the selection and engagement of Aboriginal employees and subcontractors, including Aboriginal excellence in service capability.