The spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a serious health issue for all of Australia. In particular, the most vulnerable in our community are at highest risk. For Delta Group, people matter. Our people. Your people. All people. That’s why we’re working hard to limit the spread of COVID-19 and implementing rigorous infection control policies and procedures in all offices and on all sites. We are continuing to monitor developments relating to the spread of Coronavirus in Australia and the real or potential implications for Delta Group.

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  • Our Infection Control Policy is designed to provide the framework for tracking, monitoring and implementing Government policy and advice as well as to protect the health and well being of our employees and contractors in accordance with our obligations under relevant OHS/WHS legislation, regulations and/or guidelines.

    A dedicated Working Group has been established, comprising Senior Management and National QSE personnel who will direct and coordinate our response efforts in close collaboration with Divisional Management and Frontline Supervisors. Delta Group will reference and follow the relevant Public Health Orders and corresponding Construction Industry Guidelines as directed by Australian Government as well as State and Territory Governments.

    In support of our COVID-19 Infection Control Policy, Delta Group will introduce flexible work practices to protect the health and well being of our staff and to limit the spread of Coronavirus through our community. All offices remain open with strict procedures in place to ensure compliance with Government advice for limiting our workspace to one person per four square metres, as well as strict disinfection and cleaning protocols.

    Frontline Management across all Delta sites are implementing elevated disinfection and decontamination procedures as well as strict Site Visitor policies to minimise exposure to COVID-19. We comply with State and Territory Government guidelines and have ‘COVID Safe Plans’ in place across all sites and offices. All subcontractors are required to comply with Delta Group COVID-19 Response Management plans, policies and procedures.

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    Nothing we are doing is proprietary and we are willing to share our materials (and lessons learnt) with anyone wanting to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

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