Delta Group is a ‘Class A’ and ‘Unrestricted’ licensed asbestos removal contractor and a recognised leader in the safe management of asbestos and hazardous waste disposal. Over 40 years we have pioneered many of the techniques used to identify, capture and dispose of contaminated waste, including ground breaking work methods to process large volumes with highly specialised plant and equipment.

  • Our services are available Australia wide

  • Commercial

    Asbestos surveys, testing and analysis of structural and environmental contamination, including soil, roofing, wall sheeting, cladding, piping, fencing, tiling, insulation and miscellaneous construction materials. Licensed removal, temporary storage and transport of contaminated materials, including accredited tracking and reporting systems.


    Heavy industrial abatement projects, including the design and delivery of large scale work programmes for operating and decommissioned mines, power stations, transport and shipping facilities and petro-chemical processing plant.

    Hazardous Waste Removal

    Provision of industrial cleaning services, including high pressure and abrasive techniques, transformer flushing, vacuum loading, non-invasive/disruptive digging, and removal of biological and chemical waste. Contaminated site surveys, testing and analysis, as well as the removal and disposal of mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, radioactive waste, hydrocarbons, PCBs, hexavalent chromium, acid sulphate soils, PFAS, and other contaminants.

    PPE & Site Security

    Our expert teams are protected by the latest HAZMAT protective equipment under the guidance of certified Occupational Hygienists and will work closely with local authorities/agencies to secure a contaminated site to maintain public safety standards until the area is certified as clear of contaminated waste and safe for public access.

    Remediation & Rehabilition

    Full site remediation and rehabilitation, including excavation and removal, containment and compaction, bioremediation and landfarming, in-situ stabilisation, screening and abatement, chemical treatment and stabilisation, capping, trenching and cover barriers, revegetation, backfilling, contouring, drainage, and membrane vapour barrier installation.

    Specialist & Integrated Services

    Emergency response to accidents, fires and natural disasters to make safe and clean up asbestos, chemical, radioactive and oil spills. Highly specialised marine based services for dredging and treating contaminated sediment in rivers or waterways.

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    Expert, licensed and safe removal and disposal of Asbestos and hazardous materials.