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We refuse to accept anything but the best we can give to a client and their project. It’s why our workbook continues to grow and it’s how we drive a culture of collaboration and innovation that allows our people to make the most of their remarkable skills and experience.

  • Our services are available Australia wide

  • The Delta Group Ascent Graduate Program is designed to give engineering graduates everything they need to reach the top of their profession. It won’t be easy – nothing good (or great) ever is – so if you’re interested in making the climb with a team of experienced and dedicated engineering professionals, click here.

    The Delta Group Base Camp cadet program is designed to acclimatise students of engineering or a related discipline to the realities of site work and the rewarding career that lies in front of them. Successful applicants will be offered a paid cadetship with Delta Group, involving a 12 weeks full-time work program or a carefully structured part-time work program – and real world, “boots-on-the-ground” experience. Sound like you? Click here!

    With a packed workbook and more projects in our pipeline, we are always interested in hearing from experienced, qualified workers. We want someone who shares our values and who puts their safety and the safety of others around them first. Someone we can depend on and who isn’t afraid to ask questions. Someone who is determined and accountable. And someone who is proud of their work but humble with success. If that’s you – then click here.