Svitsea engaged CMA Contracting (a Delta Group company) to coordinate an emergency response to the West Oil Rig disaster in the East Timor Sea – one of the largest oil spill disasters in Australia.

Following a blowout from the wellhead platform and multiple attempts to cap the flow of oil, a fire broke out on the drilling rig platform. Once the situation was stabilised and efforts to cap the wellhead and extinguish the fire were complete, we mobilised 6 crews together with a marine-based fleet of plant and equipment to demolish, dismantle, clean and salvage what remained of the oil rig, including the cantilever drill floor which was left extended over the wellhead platform helideck.

Our crews worked non-stop operating cranes, gantries, framing and pipelines alongside 20t and 35t excavators fitted with shear and grapple attachments to complete the deconstruction project within the 3 month timeframe.

We assumed a lead role in the disaster response efforts and coordinated our work with a range of expert sub-contractors, including the offshore construction vessel, the Jacson 25, which was equipped with an 800t crane.

Throughout the course of this unique and challenging disaster response we fulfilled all obligations to comply with strict safety and environmental guidelines as directed under Australian law and in close collaboration with our client, operators of the West Atlas Oil Rig and multiple Commonwealth government agencies.