Iluka Resources contracted Delta Group to complete secondary demolition of a range of structures at their Eneabba South facility 280km north of Perth. Our scope of works included:

  • Newman Concentrator Demolition and Bone Yard Clean Up
  • Mining Units Demolition
  • Old Nursery Suction Dam Demolition and structure demolition
  • West Mine Fuel Bullets and Smaller Structure Demolition
  • Midway Laydown Area Clean up
  • South Secondary MCC Structure, Hydrosizing System, Train Loadout and Conveyor System Demolition\
  • NORM Decontamination and radiation Surveying of all material.

All steel and material was decontaminated and tested prior to load out and transport.

Due to the South Secondary process system utilising acid for the leaching process, Delta understood there was a potential for radioactive scale within the MCC structure.

Working closely with Iluka Radiation Safety Officer, areas that could possibly be contaminated with radioactive mineral were identified. Adhering to the site specific RMP placed in concrete bunding for further testing. As radioactive scale is leachable it was imperative that all potential contamination was identified and placed into the bunding to prevent further groundwater contamination.

The Eneabba site was also affected by Dieback that restricted any works in wet weather due to risks of spreading via excavators or load out. Other challenges included an unknown quantity of concrete located under the Newman Concentrator as drawings were unavailable until deployed to site. Background radiation also affected decontamination and radiation surveys due to an abundance of radioactive material located on the ground across the site.

Key statistics include:

  • 5/2 DIDO workforce roster swing.
  • Total 10,000 workhours.
  • Nil/zero LTIs or MTIs.
  • OSL Radiation badges worn by all workers.
  • >2500t of steel decontaminated.
  • Tracking of all materials disposed offsite.
  • Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety clearance.