Lendlease engaged Delta Group to undertake Civil Construction works for the development of the Tweed Valley Hospital in northern NSW. Our scope of works included:

  • Large Scale Bulk Earthworks (cut to fill and cut to stockpile): >100,000m3 including import of gravels.
  • Piling Pad Construction; Shotcrete to batters.
  • Stormwater & Gabion Walls construction.
  • Roadworks, including carpark and kerbs.
  • Electrical & Plumbing service trenching.
  • Environmental monitoring – noise, dust.
  • Contaminated area remediation.
  • Aborist services – tree clearing.

All works undertaken in a sub tropical environment with more than 1,60mm of rainfall over the duration of our programme. Delta Group achieved high levels of  local labour content – >50% of labour hours from (immediate) local subcontractors – as well as high levels of Indigenous engagement, with more than 25% of contract spend going to local Aboriginal owned businesses. Other statistics/achievements included:

  • 56,000 total workhours; 24 machines and up to 40 workers at peak.
  • Nil/zero notifiable incidents.
  • Nil/zero LTIs.
  • Very high strength Basalt Rock throughout majority of site footprint.
  • 2.2km of Stormwater drainage.
  • Large Gabion Walls – 500m/3.5m high.
  • 1.8km ashpalt roadworks; 4000m2 asphalt carpark construction; 2.5km kerb construction.
  • 6.9km of Service Trenching.