NextDC contracted Delta Group to carry out remediation, bulk and detailed excavation, site retention and in-ground FRP works as part of the NextDC S3 Early Civil Works contract.

Our scope of works included:

  • Site remediation including waste classification and the removal of Asbestos Contaminated Material and General Solid Waste from site
  • Design and construction of retention system including piled retaining wall, shotcrete, capping beam and installation of temporary anchors
  • Bulk excavation of site material to basement excavation levels
  • Decommissioning and removal of redundant and live utilities
  • Detailed excavation of pad footings, strip footings and raft slabs
  • Installation of formwork, steel-fixing and pouring concrete to pad footings, strip footings, raft slabs and lift cores
  • Excavation and installation of in-ground hydraulic services
  • Sydney Water sewer diversion works
  • Transport logistics – including contaminated materials tracking and licensed vehicles as well as traffic management and supervision
  • Recycling of VENM material to PGH to be used in manufacture of bricks

All works were planned in collaboration with our Client to successfully achieve completion of works on time, on budget and incident free. Some key challenges of the project included locating and working around existing live and unknown services, as well as management and handling of excavated material to ensure no cross contamination between ACM, GSW and VENM. Working and delivering the project to an extremely tight program we coordinated more 180 truck and dogs load outs each day during bulk excavations.

Novation of our contract from NextDC to the Head Contractor (Multiplex) to carry out additional variation packages such as all in-ground hydraulics and FRP works. Maintaining a healthy working relationship with both clients was challenging and rewarding.

Key project statistics included:

  • Total 41,879 work hours.
  • Excavation, cart and dispose 24,000t of ACM to approved waste facilities
  • Excavation, cart and dispose 15,000t of GSW
  • Excavation, cart and dispose 175,000t of VENM (shale) to be re-used in the manufacturing of bricks
  • 6020 truck and dog movements
  • 1304t of steel reinforcement installed
  • 5016m3 of concrete placed
  • 487 temporary anchors installed