Lendlease contracted Delta Group to deliver a civil and demolition works programme to support the development of a new $150m state-of-the-art refurbishment of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre Lyric Theatre and Concert Hall. Our scope of works included:

  • Site establishment and service diversions.
  • Structural demolition of existing structures.
  • Tree removal and relocation of heritage items.
  • Structural strengthening works – structural block wall, structural steel, micro piling, ground beams, pile caps, vermiculite fireproofing, waterproofing and concrete cutting.

Over 7,400 hours and a (peak) workforce of 35 labourers, operators and 13 separate specialist trades – key challenges involved:

  • Protection of the existing heritage façade through duration of structural demolition works
  • Environmental monitoring and control of airborne silica particulates in a highly trafficked public realm
  • Vibration monitoring of connected heritage building throughout duration of works, with vibration constraints not exceeded throughout duration of project.
  • Noise monitoring of connected heritage building still staffed by Queensland Performing Arts Venue constraints not exceeded throughout duration of project.
  • Design and construct a retention system for both compressive and lateral (earthquake / wind) loads using three hundred and thirty (330) diameter micro piles internal to the existing heritage building basement with limited head room.
  • Substantially different ground conditions encountered when drilling sockets of the micro piles overcome and appropriate methodology chosen to reduce impact of scope creep to project.
  • Re-design of structural strengthening steel connections and members turn around within twenty-four hours on average to maintain unimpeded installation.
  • Coordination of deliveries through a shared loading dock with stage shows and screening commitments by the Queensland Performing Arts Venue.

Key achievements included:

  • 880 hours for project Apprentices/Trainees.
  • 520 hours of project workforce training.
  • Zero critical incidents – including LTIs/MTIs.
  • Structural sign-off of all strengthening works without delaying programme.
  • 92.5% recycling of all project waste, including 2700t of recycled concrete, 8t of steel and 625t of C&D waste.
  • Retention and protection measures for 7 level structure – 15t of structural steel, 350m2 block wall and 450m2 waterproofing.
  • Civil basement works – 20 micro-piles, 20 pile caps, 40 lineal metres of ground beams installed inside an existing basement.