Watpac Construction contracted Delta Group to complete civil landscaping works as part of the Victorian Government’s $271m ‘New Schools PPP’ commitment involving 15 new schools across some of the State’s fastest growing metropolitan and regional communities.

The scope of works included:

  • Demolition and removal of existing roadway and pavements, including concrete kerbs and recycling of construction waste materials.
  • Site preparation, including detailed earthworks and contour works as well as remediation and rehabilitation of contaminated soil.
  • Structural and civil construction works, including edgeworks, pavement sub-bases, concrete foundation slabs, tanks, pads and footings, as well as pouring and formwork.
  • Installation of asphalt and concrete roadways and pavements, including street light pole footings, stairs, bollards, car parks, line marking and signage.
  • Construction of new turfed ovals and asphalt sports courts.
  • Hard and soft landscaping, including asphalt base works, granite pavements and trees, plants and mulch.
  • Supply and installation of stormwater drainage, including removal and backfill of existing drains/pits.
  • Site dewatering.