Grocon contracted Delta Group to complete our defining project and what is arguably one of the most visible demolition projects ever undertaken – the $610m redevelopment of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and 10th largest sports stadium in the world.

Having identified concrete cancer in the old Southern Stand, the Melbourne Cricket Club joined forces with the (now) Australian Football League to redevelop the entire southern section of the stadium in time for the Cricket World Cup. With Sir Richard Hadlee behind the controls of a Delta excavator our demolition works continued under the gaze of world media as the stadium continued to host local and international cricket games, as well as Australian Rules Football.

A decade later Delta Group returned to demolish the Members’, Olympic and Ponsford Stands, and completed civil construction works to prepare for the 2006 Commonwealth Games and to accommodate 100,000 spectators in 21st Century comfort. As before, all work was carried out without disrupting a packed schedule of sporting events.

An extensive and complex civil works programme included bulk excavation and retention works for a new 2 level basement area under the stands and the actual playing surface. We were also responsible for excavating and re-laying what is now regarded as the ‘hallowed turf’ of Australian and international sport.

Each grandstand structure predominantly consisted of post-tensioned concrete cantilevered frames, supporting precast and in-situ concrete floor slabs. Working at heights in excess of 35 metres we pioneered a range of demolition, recycling and remediation techniques to safely and successfully deconstruct the stadium, including:

  • 70t long reach excavators and custom fabricated hammer attachments.
  • Design and construction of screening to protect vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians and spectators.
  • Safe remediation and disposal of tonnes of asbestos and hazardous waste, including the design, development and construction of a purpose built platform to allow for a crane base and crane to remove asbestos sheeting in the roofs of all stands.
  • Onsite concrete crushing and recycling, including the design and development of a new by-product called ‘Envirocrete’ (in collaboration with Boral Limited).

Key achievements from our civil works programme included:

  • Excavation of more than 150,000 cubic metres of siltstone, as well as excavating the 17,720 sqm playing surface from 0.5m to 1.0m.
  • 650 retention piles and 200 pad footings.
  • Spraying more than 6,000 sqm of shotcrete.
  • Construction of 10 lift over-runs.
  • Set and installation of 56 concrete pits.
  • Trenching for more than 6km of conduits.
  • Construction of stormwater and ground water management system, including subsoil and perimeter surface drainage.