Debtech engaged CMA Contracting (a Delta Group company) to design and deliver an industrial demolition works programme for the Kimberley Clark mill located in Millicent, South Australia.

The scope of works included:

  • Demolition of existing #6 Boiler comprising a 53m high steel structure that supported a hanging boiler from the roof, as well as Mud & Steam Drums, redundant Coal Hopper, office/control rooms, chemical stores, water tanks and a 45m high stack.
  • Engineering study, including simulation and modelling for proposed deconstruction methodology.
  • Safe removal of friable asbestos from Mud & Steam Drums.
  • Internal strip outs.
  • Emissions, noise and vibration controls.
  • Transport logistics – traffic management and supervision.
  • Recycling of uncontaminated construction waste materials.

Our programme involved detailed demolition works down to the base of the boiler structure (e.g. bottom 1/3rd) to enable clear and unimpeded access to the column structures, followed by induced felling techniques to control the collapse of the boiler – all in accordance with our modelling.

Once the structure was on the ground we mobilised a 67t excavator with precision attachments to complete the full deconstruction, with more than 1,100t of scrap steel removed for recycling.