Cockburn Cement engaged CMA Contracting (a Delta Group company) to complete emergency demolition works at their plant in suburban Perth. The scope of works included an industrial demolition programme for deconstructing the main 115 metre chimney stack.

Due to the weight of a 30 metre steel extension compromising the 85 metre concrete structure below, we were required to design and develop a methodology that minimised the forces expelled on the chimney so we could remove the steel section before demolishing the concrete stack.

A fully operational commercial plant surrounded our site, adding to the complexity and challenge of the project.

We coordinated dual 500t mobile crane placements and concurrent heavy lifts to safely remove the 30 metre steel stack, before attaching specialised hydraulic equipment to pulverise the remaining 85 metres of concrete structure – without incident or disruption to the surrounding cement plant and operating assets.

As a result of our successful demolition works programme, Cockburn Cement extended the scope of works to include the raised precipitator, ducting systems and ID fan.