Sarah Constructions contracted Delta Group to deliver a civil construction works programme to support the development of a new Birth to Year 12 (B12) ‘Super School’ in suburban Adelaide.

Our scope of works included:

  • Stripping topsoil across 140,000m2 site area.
  • Bulk excavating 20,000m3 and filling 30,000m3 soil to reach subgrade levels under level 1 GITA supervision to AS3798.
  • Preparing 20,000m2 of building plateau and final trimming to 5mm tolerance.
  • Constructing 600 metres of dual lane DPTI spec road including a roundabout with inner and outer annulus whilst maintaining live traffic and managing pedestrians.
  • Excavating and constructing 2000m3 under-ground water detention system, bioretention basins and swales with Bidim and HDPE.
  • Constructing 2 underground pump stations at 5 metre depth inclusive submersible pumps.
  • Excavating and constructing 400 metres of reinforced concrete stormwater pipe work and 40 grated inlet pits.
  • Constructing over 12,000m2 of carparks with concrete kerbing, pavements, asphalt layers, linemarking and traffic signage.

Unique attributes and site specific challenges involved:

  • Executing the bulk earthworks involving 20,000m3 of cut and 30,000m3 of fill during winter with an average of 150mm of rain per month and still maintaining head contractors’ program.
  • Implementing and executing a detailed staging plan for the construction of a roundabout, 600 metres of footpath works, concrete kerbing, and DPTI spec asphalt all whilst working in and around live traffic and pedestrians.
  • Live underground and above grand services – fibre optic, LV (low voltage), high pressure water, sewer, comms and HV (high voltage) power lines.
  • Multiple, separate work fronts and crews.
  • Staging roadworks over multiple stages (5 in total) to ensure minimal disruption on a major arterial road with an average traffic volume of 7,000 vehicles per day.