Multiplex contracted Delta Group to complete civil construction works at one of Melbourne’s elite high density residential projects – the $350m 35 Spring Street development.

The scope of works included:

  • Demolition of the existing footing and ground slab, including removal of existing retaining wall.
  • Bulk/detailed excavation works allowing for the construction of reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Supply and placement of basement backfill.
  • Construction of crane bases.
  • Concrete infrastructure – slab preparation and construction, retention systems and lift core rafts.
  • Emissions, noise and vibration controls.
  • Transport logistics, including traffic management and supervision.
  • Site infrastructure – basement stormwater drainage and ground water treatment systems.
  • Site dewatering.
  • Civil landscaping and pavement works.
  • Recycling of construction waste materials.

In order to operate within an extremely confined site footprint for the 18 metre deep excavation, we designed and constructed an internal loading platform to accommodate our loadout machinery and truck loading bay. We also mobilised a long reach excavator to achieve the final 6 metres of excavation and earthworks. Other key achievements included:

  • Excavation of more than 25,000 cubic metres of siltstone.
  • Installation of 80 piles to support bulk and detailed excavation works, as well as 470 temporary anchors.
  • 140m of capping beam to the top of the retention piles.