With up to 90% of Australia deemed uninhabitable and 85% of what’s left classified as ‘urban’ – what we do with our available land matters.

Environmental contaminants demand highly specialised skills and experience, not to mention a partner that understands the life cycle better than most. That’s why we created Grange Environmental Services and how we hope to make a real impact – on our clients as well as the urban and industrial landscapes of tomorrow.

Grange Environmental Services is a Delta Group company with national scale and integrated systems. Its focus is offering turnkey services for remediating and rehabilitating urban and industrial landscapes, including:

• Site Assessments
• Site Remediation
• Asbestos & Hazardous Waste
• Soil & Waste
• Water & Valour
• Specialist

Our new division’s capabilities are proven in a complex and demanding regulatory landscape and will support the transfer and re-use of land to ensure commercial and industrial development projects proceed as planned – on time, on budget and without incident.

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