Maxcon engaged Delta Group to design and deliver a demolition works programme to make way for the 21 storey mixed use Penny Place Apartments development in CBD Adelaide.

Our scope of works included:

  • Site set up and preparation, including amenities, materials hoist, gantries and full height perimeter scaffold
  • Soft and hard strip out, including materials handling and plant/services removal
  • Demolition of existing structure down to basement level
  • Transport logistics, including traffic management and supervision
  • Recycling & Waste Management
  • Asbestos and hazardous waste removal
  • Environmental management – noise, vibration and dust (emission) controls

Unique project attributes included a congested environment with restricted access; working adjacent to heritage structures required the technical expertise of our leading demolishers; engineering methodologies; noise/vibration enviro controls due to urban streetscape within this area of Adelaide’s CBD, the adjacent dwellings and heritage offices of lawyers; and removal of non friable sheeting and friable insulation. Effective stakeholder management was key to the project’s success, together with our ability to manage high traffic flows in a congested/restricted site footprint.

Key project statistics included:

  • Total 3,500 work hours
  • Nil/zero LTIs and MTIs
  • >50 vehicle movements per day
  • 1,000t of C&D waste recycled
  • Custom design of ‘hook arm’ attachment for small plant (excavator) demolition operations