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​Asset recovery and salvage can significantly offset demolition and remediation costs. Most building materials can be recycled but some industrial assets can be profitably recovered intact and sold for reuse.


Each project starts with an accurate assessment of recoverable assets and a weighing of alternative strategies to maximise the recovered value. There are many possibilities on a spectrum that runs from careful dismantling and sale of entire plant at one end to onsite destruction followed by resource reclamation at the other. Of course it is all about cost v benefit. Our network of domestic and overseas equipment purchasers and resellers together with our knowledge of scrap and salvaged materials markets allows us to devise the most cost effective strategy for your particular situation.

Whether you have a single item of redundant plant or you are closing and decommissioning an entire facility we can work with you to design and execute a strategy to maximise the value you recover.

Our asset recovery and salvage services include:
• Dismantling Salvageable Equipment
• Separation of Materials for Recycling
• Selling Salvaged Equipment in Resale Markets
• Recycling Construction and Demolition waste
• Utilising Scrap Metal and Recycling Markets to Reduce Cost
• Demolition and Deconstruction
• Environmental Clean-up
• Plant Closure and Decommissioning

Our collaborative approach means we can better understand our clients’ problems and better contribute to a solution that delivers real and meaningful value. This teamwork ethos, our ability to create and implement innovative solutions, together with our ‘we will never let you down’ definition of integrity has made us one of Australia’s largest Asset Recovery and Salvage companies.



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Dismantling Salvageable Equipment​0413201454
Separation of Materials for Recycling​0413718043
Selling Salvaged Equipment in Resale Markets​0413201454
Concrete Recycling / C&D Recycling0413718043
Utilising Scrap Metal and Recycling Markets to Reduce Cost​0423796948
Demolition and Deconstruction​0413201454
Environmental Clean-up​0403591195
Plant Closure and Decommissioning​0403591195

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