Australia is united in its response to Coronavirus. Strict measures have limited its spread but in the absence of a vaccine for what is believed to be 12-18 months, businesses must develop and implement new infection control policies and contamination response procedures that demand highly specialist qualifications, training and experience. As one of the largest contractors of our type in the world today, with more than 30 years experience in high risk environments, Delta Group has the capability and capacity to deliver both preventative and rapid (emergency) response COVID-19 decontamination services.

  • Our services are available Australia wide

  • Our established and scalable networks of specialist staff, PPE, plant and equipment are complemented by our national reach and allow us to coordinated the delivery of expert biological decontamination services in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia.

    We understand the application of contemporary COVID-19 decontamination methodologies including: Federal Government Department of Health Guidelines for Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection principles for COVID-19; and Centre for Disease Control, Public Health Management of Persons with Potential Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Exposures: Geographic Risk and Contacts of Laboratory-confirmed Cases (updated 22 March 2020).

    Independent Occupational Hygienists play a critical role in monitoring, auditing and certifying decontamination works to ensure legislative and regulatory compliance across all jurisdictions in Australia. Our occupational hygienists continue to work closely with State and Territory regulators to develop and introduce COVID-19 decontamination guidelines as more is learnt about the virus, its transmission and contagiousness.

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