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Canberra Centre Mall Redevelopment

Project Overview

Redevelopment of existing carparks to enable double volume tenancy.

The existing carpark had to have and intermediate post tensioned floor slab removed to make way for a new tenancy in the Canberra centre.

The work involved the propping of the existing carpark slab and the subsequent demolition of this slab to allow the new tenancy to have a double volume of space for the new department store.

The work was carried out using small machinery and had to be sequenced to allow the builder to stage his works as the demolition progressed.

Various other areas of work had to be performed to enable the addition al plant and equipment to be installed for the new tenancy these included new stair penetrations new risers and additional works in the plant rooms.

The work also involved stripout of the existing tenancies prior to the demolition commencing and working whilst the shopping centre remained fully operational.​

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