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Delta’s Concrete Recycling Division provides a cost effective and sustainable alternate for construction and demolition waste disposal. This waste stream is a valuable resource for the recycling industry and its end products provide an excellent virgin quarry material substitute for use in all construction applications with a significant density advantage. (Images of raw feed attached – Raw Concrete, Raw Brick and Raw Excavation Rock)

Predominantly consisting of reinforced concrete, concrete washout, brick rubble and excavation rock, these waste resources are effectively reprocessed with contaminants removed to produce high quality specification construction materials. Smaller volumes of asphalt, glass and clay are also utilised within the finished products where applicable. Products are accredited and achieve VicRoads, RTA and Main Roads specifications and with <1% (by volume) deleterious constituents. 

All Delta sites operate under approved conditions which maintain the highest level of quality control for incoming material, reprocessing and finished product sales. On site NATA accredited laboratories’ test all products to Australian Standards and contaminants including asbestos are independently tested.

​Envirocrete​Crushed concrete blended with varying percentages of crushed brick to specificationVicRoads Approved (Spec 820/821)
20mm minus crushed concrete
- Class 2
- Class 3
- Class 4
- Wet Mix (up to 12.5%)
- Cement Treated (up to 6%)

High quality specification material with low plasticity index, high workability and compaction.
- Road base
- Sub-base
- Hard stands
- Pavements
- Capping material

Delta Sunshine
Boral Quarries
- Lysterfield
- Coldstream
- Wollert

​Envirobase​Crushed brick and mixed brick/concreteVicRoads Approved
20mm minus crushed brick
- Wet Mix (up to 12.5%)
- Cement Treated (up to 6%)

High workable and compactable material
- Site access roads, haul roads and stabilisation
- Pavement sub-base
- Backfill
- Commercial site works

Delta Sunshine
Boral Quarries
- Deer Park


​Excavation Rock​Crushed virgin excavation rockVicRoads Approved (Spec 812)
20mm minus crushed rock
- Class 2
- Class 3
- Class 4
- Wet Mix (up to 12.5%)
- Cement Treated (up to 6%)
40mm crushed rock
80mm rubble

​Virgin material generally consisting of regional VIC basalt ​Delta Sunshine

​Dust​Screened fines from crushed brick and excavation rock7mm minus Brick dust
5mm minus Rock dust 

Pipe bedding
Under slab preparation
Under pavers

​Delta Sunshine

​Drainage Aggregate​Screened single and graded aggregate (20mm to 7mm)20mm Single Aggregate
14mm Graded Aggregate

Spoon and swale drains
Agriculture piping/drains

​Delta Sunshine

Blends of concrete, brick, excavation rock, asphalt and clay to suit client specification

Fill – Type A and B
NDCR – Brick Mix

Delta Sunshine

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