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​Melbourne builders, demolishers and bin hire companies benefit

From our CBD Transfer Station in Bridge Street Port Melbourne.


As our roads get busier truck travel time increases. Many bin trucks carry only a small fraction of their potential load weight but still spend hours in traffic travelling to and from tips. Our transfer station is close to the Melbourne CBD and so dramatically increases the number of loads a truck can make in a given time period.

Construction and Demolition waste is sorted on site at our Transfer Station and valuable resources are removed for recycling. These recovered resources are bulked and loaded on much larger vehicles for transport to our material recovery facilities for further processing. The remaining waste stream, which is usually less than 2% of the original volume, is delivered to landfill also using much larger vehicles.

We accept uncontaminated construction and demolition waste from registered businesses. We do not accept asbestos or other contaminants, putrescent or general waste. 

* Please note we do not accept material from the public.


We recycle and sell the following metals:

Domestic Copper, Candy Copper, Aluminium Extrusion, Aluminium Domestic & Sheet, Aluminium Wire, PVC Wire, Plumbers Brass, 70/30 Grass Stainless Steel, Ferrous Steel, Gun Metal, Clip Rock, Corrugated, Gun Metal, Angle, Pipe, UB, RSJ, TFC, PFC.


Location: Entry off  Bridge st , Port Melbourne
                 Gate one Shed one


Operating Hours:  7am - 4pm   Monday - Friday

Phone:     0459 145 210

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