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Abbot Point Coal Terminal X50 Expansion SR2


Demolition of 1500 ton suspension machinery at Queenslands Abbott Point.

Project Overview

Demolition of Stacker Reclaimer No. 2. It involved many aspects of the competencies available within the CMA management, engineering and technical ground support team.

SR2 was a 1500 ton suspension m​achine consisting of many technical requirements as the machine was mainly designed to work as a counter balancingact. All aspects of deconstruction had to be examined as the removal of each section involved the risk of over balancing the remaining structure and weakening the structural integrity of the remaining plant.

The decommissioning of SR2 was conducted over a live conveyor line as the coal port had continuous trains and ships arriving, which had to be fed at times through a conveyor line running through the sub frame of SR2 to Stacker

Reclaimer 1.

SR2 also contained hydrocarbons, asbestos containing materials and a requirement to salvage 300 tons of rare items for the maintenance of the remaining SR1 asset to expand the life span of the aging plant. These items were to be retained under the contract.

CMA Contracting staff were able to develop a methodology for the deconstruction of the 45m high structure - through adverse weather conditions- high winds, rain and an earthquake, using cranes and rigging without any incidents or damage resulting in possible delay or disruption to the active coal terminal, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the client .

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